The Pet Crematorium – Why Should You Come to Us?

Well we hope the reason would be because we provide you with detailed information about what we do, that information fits with your expectations of a pet crematorium and you feel you can trust us to carry out everything we say we do to the highest of standards.

Perhaps you appreciate that our options for the return of ashes are carefully selected to be of the highest quality we can obtain. There is a great deal of very shoddy workmanship in the market for urns and caskets. We only select quality goods. We can’t stock everything so we go by our experience in what most people want. However we also know that we can’t please everybody all the time.  If you do not like what we offer you are welcome to bring your own, have it sent to us or we can obtain a different option for you.

You may like the fact that we are members of The Association of Private Pet Cemeteries & Crematoria. It confirms our commitment to high standards and fair and honest trading.

If you don’t want, or perhaps can’t afford, an individual cremation but still would like your pet to be handled respectfully and for the ashes to have a permanent resting place in a memorial garden then you should look at our communal cremation service. Many crematoria only carry out individual cremations whilst others simply have a disposal service that is called a cremation. We think this denies at least half of pet owners the chance to have their pet cared for properly  without having to pay for a service they do not want. We don’t know of any other service to match it in the South of England.

There may be other reasons. We hope that you may even like us but at the end of the day your trust and confidence in us is our main priority. If we can do anything to help then we will.


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