Pet Cremation – The Mistake That So Many Vets Make

A recent story in the Horse and Hound concerning a fraudulent case where owners had been deceived over ashes that were returned to them highlights the fundamental error made by most veterinary surgeries.

The story may be seen here

The vet who had sold the cremation service and who was also been the subject of the fraud is quoted as saying

“We’re very disappointed,”  He added the clinic “never questioned” Mr Cooper’s legitimacy.

“He was licensed so I assumed that was enough.”

This is where veterinary surgeries go wrong when they arrange pet cremations. They assume that because the pet crematorium is licensed that is good enough. Well it is not. Vets have to use a licensed operation but the licensing only covers the animal disposal aspect – the treatment of your pets as if they were waste. The pet cremation service is completely unregulated. This means the handling of your pets during transportation and cremation, the way the cremation is carried out, whether or not it is a genuine individual or communal cremation, whether or not you get all, some or even the correct ashes back – all this is completely unregulated. The only way pet owners may make a complaint is through Trading Standards. This is a very cumbersome process and altogether a very unsatisfactory state of affairs.

What can be done about it? The obvious answer is for vets to stop selling pet cremations. One person’s idea of a good cremation service may be very different from another person’s so it has to be down to the pet owner to decide what is right for them. Here at Chestnut Lodge Pet Crematorium we provide extensive information on the cremation process and also on our fees. A simple glance around other websites will show how rare we are in this respect. We have nothing to hide – how many of the others can say this? Unfortunately most pet cremations are arranged through veterinary surgeries who have no information as to how the services are carried out. This simply perpetuates the poor working practices that are so rife in the pet cremation sector.

We believe it is important for people to stop using their veterinary surgeries to arrange pet cremations. Contact the crematoriums in your area and ask the right questions to see if the service is right for you. We will go over these questions in future posts or for now you may go to our articles on pet cremation. Your vet is trained to look after your pets when they are alive. We are trained to perform your wishes for your pet after death. The two sectors should not be mixed.

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