Your pets’ ashes

What do most people do when they get their pets’ ashes back?

There is no simple answer to this question. Any loss, be it a person or a pet, affects people in different ways. The cremation process is one stage of dealing with that loss. It provides a little bit of formality and a way of putting some matters to rest. What you do with the ashes is part of that process and there is no right or wrong. The choice is yours and whatever gives you comfort and whatever you feel is right is the correct approach for you.

Obviously the first thing is to ensure your pet’s cremation has been carried out correctly and that you have used a member of the Association for that part. Most pet crematoria have a number of standard presentations you can choose from for the return of your ashes but there are many different forms on the market. Your choice really depends on two things. Firstly what you want to do with the ashes and secondly how you want to see them presented.

If you are going to scatter the ashes then you may not want to have anything bulky or difficult to open. Many people scatter their dog’s ashes on their favourite walk or their cat’s ashes in a favourite spot in the garden. Some like to have a sample of ashes to scatter and then a more permanent container for keeping the remainder. There are scatter pouches, envelopes, cardboard containers and tins that will provide a neat and respectful vessel that you can easily carry with you and dispose of afterwards.

For keeping the ashes indoors traditional caskets are available in different woods. These may have engraved nameplates or have painted decorations. There are carved cats and dogs that are fashioned to contain the ashes. Urns come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials from simple plain aluminium ones to elaborately painted ceramic vessels.

You may wish to have a picture of your pet and there are products that have the ashes casket contained within a picture frame or for a picture frame casket where a photo may be placed in the lid. Both Petributes and Taylormade can provide you with a variety of the above options.

Sentimental Connections specialise in using small samples of ash encapsulated within a clear polymer which can be formed into picture frames. In a similar way samples can be used to form jewellery or plaques to produce very personal and high quality memorials.

There are a number of biodegradable urns for burying the ashes in the ground or for burial in water where they will float for a moment before sinking. Mulberry paper caskets are also available as an environmentally friendly option. Passages UK has a number of these and their website gives advice on transporting ashes abroad.

If you wish to bury the ashes so they may possibly be recovered at a later date then a water tight aluminium urn is the answer. Many people bury the ashes in their garden but a shrub container will serve as a memorial as well as a resting place for the ashes. You may use a simple plant container or for a more personal commission Decopots will be able to produce a design of your choice.

There are other options available for small samples of ash such as using them to grow diamonds, having them sent off in fireworks, being encapsulated in glass to produce bowls or vases or placed into lockets or other items of jewellery. These ideas are only for small amounts of ash so you may like to use them in addition to one of the more traditional forms of presentation.

The above companies are all Supplier Members of the Association of Private Pet  Cemeteries & Crematoria and details can be found on the website. You can also visit the members’ own websites for details of the options that each individual crematorium or cemetery offers.


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