Why you should use an APPCC member

The Crematorium I use is wonderful. They are not members of the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries & Crematoria – they don’t need to be.

We noticed this comment on an internet forum and feel it needs some comment. Firstly, membership of the APPCC is not compulsory for a genuine pet crematorium so it is possible to find a proper cremation service from a non member. Having said that, we are not aware of any so we would love to hear from anyone who feels their crematorium is providing a genuine service even though they are not members of our association.

Perhaps the question should be “why isn’t a pet crematorium a member?” Certainly it is not particularly cheap as it costs £200 a year. Not expensive when you look at other professional organisations but a fair sum to find if you are a struggling business. However, this gives access to help from some of the best and most experienced operators in the country, details of legislation changes, help when dealing with the authorities, training manuals and the chance to discuss matters with other crematoria at meetings.  Non members are able to operate because of the work put in by the APPCC in combating legislation that would have closed down everyone apart from large disposal plants. Early members of the APPCC have contributed a great deal of financial support towards these campaigns and non members have benefited from this. There are no profits for the organisation. All funds are used to help members and the committee carry out a large amount of unpaid work on the behalf of their members.

We have explained in previous articles about the problems in ensuring you have the service you want for the cremation of your pet. Everyone who runs a genuine pet crematorium knows how difficult it is to compete with the questionable practices that occur in some establishments. We are not the only country with these problems. We are hearing from our American counterparts that similar problems over there. The APPCC is the only organisation that sets practical standards that ensure the job is carried out correctly and the only organisation to stand up for the rights of the pet owner. So if you run a genuine business that you are proud of don’t you want to be part of all this?

So whilst there might be some good pet cremation services that are not members we would urge caution when going to them and always ask questions to ensure the procedures are carried out correctly. The nicest and most genuine seeing people still may not be granting your pet the service you want. This may be through incompetence or deceit but the result is the same either way. Check our website for genuine members as we have had a case of a very questionable organisation displaying our logo even though they did not belong to the association. There is another firm that continually copies our code and practice and information for their own website but in the past have admitted to not carrying out the cremations individually. Trust is the most important aspect of a cremation service and you should ask yourself if you can trust someone who is not prepared to stand up and be counted.

We will continue to work to set standards that can be trusted. We are expanding our training information to make sure operations are performed correctly. We are working with Trading Standards to ensure proper Codes are in place with back up to ensure they are followed. If you trust a crematorium then let us know about them or try to persuade them to join us. That way everyone else can trust them too.


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