Brighton Pet Crematorium

Genuine and Guaranteed Pet Cremation and Pet Burial Services

for Pet Owners in the Brighton Area

Chestnut Lodge Pet Crematorium and Pet Cemetery is one of the most experienced pet crematoriums and pet cemeteries in the UK. We are situated close to Gatwick and within easy reach of Brighton and the surrounding areas. Our website provides a library of articles answering the concerns of pet owners and highlighting the dangers in trusting a pet crematorium to carry out the final service for their pet. We detail all our own services and, as well as serving the pet owners of Brighton, we can put you in touch with other genuine crematoriums throughout the country if you have friends or relatives needing the service for their own pets.

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Stephen Mayles has been running the pet crematorium since 1986. He is a Founder Member of the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries & Crematoria and through voluntary work for them has drawn up training modules for the industry based on ethical and honest principles. These are the principles we have always used.

Stephen explains “Most places labelled pet crematorium are little more than disposal plants. Their methods are based on maximising profits and are unlikely to provide the service that pet owners expect when they paying substantial fees for the cremation of their pets. These pet cremations are sold through veterinary practices that may have little or no idea of the service they are selling to their clients. Our Association is the only organisation in Europe setting standards that protect the pet owner. People wanting a pet cremation service should contact members of the Association and only rely on their vet if they are happy to have a simple disposal of the body.”

If you want a cremation service for your pet, an individual cremation or a communal cremation, then you should contact us directly unless your vet uses us for their cremations. In those cases you have the choice of coming to us directly or arranging the cremation through your vet.

If you would like a burial service then please contact us. We like you to see the Pet Cemetery before making any decisions to ensure you are completely happy with the setting. A burial plot is a long term commitment and you should be aware of the conditions of use for the Cemetery and be sure it is what you want.

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Please note that Brighton has more than one Emergency Veterinary Hospital operating. If your pet passes away at the Coastway Veterinary Group in Freshfield Place, Kemp Town then you may arrange either the individual or communal cremation through them. You may also come to us or contact us directly if you prefer.

If you lose your pet at another emergency clinic and you want a genuine individual or communal cremation then call us directly. We can always collect from the surgery or you can bring your pet to us if you so wish.