Essential Facts You Should be Told about Your Pet Cremation Service

The Trading Standard Regulations make it clear that all services should be accurately described and a correct price given to the client. In the pet cremation sector how often does this happen? Very rarely! The majority of pet cremations sold through veterinary surgeries and directly by pet crematoriums are called individual or private cremations but never have a description of the service. This enables pet crematoriums to get up to all kinds of things that would horrify many pet owners. If you have been sold a pet cremation service without any description and you subsequently find that it does not meet your expectations then you may well have a good claim for a full refund from the person who sold you the service, be it your vet or the crematorium if you went directly to them.

We operate a completely transparent business. All our services are described in our brochure and on our website. Brochures are freely available at all veterinary surgeries that use our services and should be handed to every client who chooses a cremation service. The brochure and the website have full details of our charges and veterinary surgeries have display cards that detail the full charges to clients who arrange the cremation through the veterinary surgery. We are fully aware that the purchase of a pet cremation service is often made at an emotive time when your judgement may be clouded. If you have not considered the matter in advance then it is best to take details and think about it when you are a little calmer rather than rush into a distress purchase that you may not want or be able to afford. If you wish to discuss any details with us you only have to call or email and we will help.

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